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Geist + Co 

Privé Chef + Boutique Caterer

Geist Emerson Ussery

"Making others happy while doing what I love"

An Idea is Born

A Bluffton native with a Latin / Caribbean background, I have a diverse culinary heritage that is both nurtured and natured. Growing up in Bluffton, the Caribbean element shaped not only my palate, but my affinity for experimenting with latin-influenced ingredients while infusing southern ingredients and techniques to perfect recipes with Bluffton's plentiful resources; seafood & farm fresh produce. 


Born from West Indies and Southern ancestry – Southern and Latin derived ingredients were a daily norm. Cooking alongside my mother and absorbing the techniques that make my meals stand out and draw attention to what I do with much love and passion .

"Geist is amazing! My daughter's wedding was over and beyond anything we could have ever imagined. He has an excellent eye for detail and is present at all times to make sure everything is perfect. His floral arrangements are eloquent and simple at the same time. He knows exactly how to throw a wedding. Love, love ,love Geist and his southern style"

Mrs. Cindy House 

"Geist is one of the best chefs that I have had the pleasure of using. Not only is he creative and talented with his food assortment, preparation and presentation, he is witty and a heck of a lot of fun to have around during any event. Geist & Company is my "Number ONE" go-to for all of my party needs."

Mrs. Lynn Williams